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With a bunch of bachelorettes + weddings coming up through next year, I thought it might be fun to share some wedding-related looks (because my best friend is probably sick of me sending her links that say OMG YOU HAVE TO GET...


The theme I wanted to discuss is balance. ☯ In life, I do struggle with balance. I'm a perfectionist, so I go all-in to everything I do, leaving myself time and energy for little else. I know I can be a workaholic, and I know...


I’m not a fan of Halloween candy hitting stores in August or Christmas decor coming out in October, but when December 1st hits, IT’S. TIME. Decorations go up, lights go on, and festive music blares through my house and in my...


If you've been following along on Instagram, you know I flew down to Disney last week to attend my friend's Disney wedding in Epcot. I was so excited not only for the wedding festivities but to be at the parks for a few days...

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