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Thinking back on my approximately quarter-century of a life, I have quickly evolved from Juicy velour track suits - which may have somehow won me the title of best dressed in middle school - to timeless leather boots and soli...


For my finance-savvy readers: You may have heard that good designer bags appreciate in value. This is true. I have seen it on small scales over the last decade and you may have heard of people investing in Hermès. Listen, I'v...


Montclair is a real north Jersey gem. Whether seeing your favorite band at the Wellmont, having dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants (I'm drooling just thinking about you, Costanera), or having a 90s night out, you...


Although I am known for being a fan of practical pieces, nothing is more fun than a funky bag to take a simple ensemble to the next level. You may have spotted my notorious fish bag on Instagram (because I'm totally obsessed...

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