"Buy less. Choose well."
Wise words from the firey designer Vivienne Westwood, and words that
continually & accurately echo my own philosophy.​ "Make it last. Quality, not
quantity. Everybody's buying far too many clothes," Westwood continued.
I can't help but agree with her.

I think there is a misunderstanding about fashion. Fashion isn't always connected to a couture piece, a designer label, or a heavy wallet. You don't need to own a walk-in closet bursting with items (although it would hurt). You can make far more lovely outfits - without sacrificing style - with a great pair of jeans, a crisp white blouse, and a trustworthy pair of heels than with thirty trendy tops and bottoms. I'm not a stylist, I'm not an FIT graduate, and I'm not a millionaire. I simply have an eye + appreciation for quality. I know my shit. And I don't mind waiting or saving for the things I want most.

I won't quit my day job, but I have always loved fashion. Lately this love has been tugging at me more and more, and I needed an outlet to share with everyone who asks, "Where did you get this?" "Who makes this?" It's all more accessible than you think. You don't even need to know whats in - you need to know what will never leave.

I'm a 20-something, self-proclaimed grammar snob, smart blonde, and preacher of 'quality over quantity'. Let me show you my favorite pieces, where and when to get them, and how to wear them. I will show you how to use clothing you already own in a new way, and which of my holy grail style staples your closet needs. Although I love my big designers and department stores, I am also a lover of local boutiques. There are numerous small stores in my area (Jersey, baby!) and if you stick around, I'll tell you about all the gems hidden throughout the garden state. The luxury experience is available for any shopper, any style, and any budget. Everyone deserves to be treated like a queen and get a great deal.


My favorite kind of luxury is personal and inconspicuous, hence the name of my blog: Dressed to Chill. I don't believe that a great look needs to take all of your time or all of your money - you just need to know what you're doing. My mantra is attainable, everyday luxury because anything you want - like that new outfit or new shoe glow - is yours for the having.


Welcome to Dressed to Chill. 


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