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The theme I wanted to discuss is balance. ☯ In life, I do struggle with balance. I'm a perfectionist, so I go all-in to everything I do, leaving myself time and energy for little else. I know I can be a workaholic, and I know I am also guilty sometimes of completely falling off the train! If there is one aspect of balance I can handle well, it's styling looks for myself and for others. This is a concept people struggle with often - being sure not to overdo it.

The most basic way to blend your ensemble's yin and yang is to balance your main outfit with your accessories. As a general rule of thumb: if your outfit is simple, you add a detailed piece such as a chunky necklace, bracelet, or statement shoes; if your outfit is detailed and busy, keep the accessories very simple and to a minimum. Following this idea will highlight your outfit and you will undoubtedly hear more compliments. Of course, there are exceptions - maybe you want to go with a super sleek modern look all together or a super detailed bohemian style - but I think this is a good guideline to get the most out of your wardrobe.

You can do the same with clothing - if you have a smooth, simple tank, feel free to add a chunky and textured knit over it - but stray from adding one textured knit over another. Below I answered a couple common questions I received about outfit equilibrium:

Q: Is it okay to mix metals? I always wore a lot of silver and now I am starting to buy more gold.

A: Personally, I love mixing metals. While some days I stick to all silver, all gold, or all rose gold, many times I am mixing all of those together. It gives you so many more options and so much more freedom to make new combinations!

Q: I love jewelry, like Baublebar necklaces and costume jewelry; but how much is too much?

A: This is a loaded question, and there can always be a time and a place that you can wear giant earrings with a giant necklace together, a bold bracelet with bold rings, but unless you're going for a dramatic look, I would say keep it simple on the daily. Do I always follow this? No. Do I mostly follow this? Yes. Don't do big earrings and a big necklace - pick one. If you want to layer a bunch of necklaces, go without earrings. If you want to wear statement earrings, don't do a necklace (and wear your hair up to show off that ear candy). If you want a big chunky bracelet, just wear studs and forgo the other accessories. This really helps highlight the piece you're most excited about and lets it take center stage of the accessories show.

Q: I have always heard that mixing prints is a big no-no. Is that true?

A: I wouldn't tell my someone to wear a plaid shirt and a checkered tie, but with the right combination, you absolutely can mix prints! I love doing this - but it takes a little consideration. When done right, it can really enrich your look. An easy way to do this is to have a big, bold print mixed with a very muted print - for example, a striking, flowered skirt with a mini-pinstripe blouse. At a normal distance, this combination will not actually look mismatched, but will instead complement each other. You can also do something like a mellow patterned pant or top with one other low-key, solid item paired with leopard shoes. Don't be afraid to give it a try - I will be doing a more in-depth post solely about mixing prints, so keep an eye out!

Q: I do like to make a statement, but can you overdo a "statement"?

A: It's possible to overdo it, and if every part of your look makes a different statement, you're not really making a statement - does that make sense? Pick something to focus on and roll with it. If you like bracelets, forget earrings and a necklace but layer those bracelets on! Add a few jingles and bangles to each wrist. If you'd rather make a statement with a necklace, wear a simple outfit, keep your wrists empty and wear your biggest, chunkiest statement necklace.

Speaking of balance, look at what I made at Plant Nite! If you're looking for something fun and different to do, Plant Nites are held at local bars and restaurants and are a fun way to create a pretty planter or terrarium over dinner and drinks. Signing up is easy - you now go to and search for events within your area. The one I went to was in Ridgewood, NJ at Park West Tavern. You can search events by date, location, or just browse the photos of what projects are available to complete. I saw this little yin-yang planter and I couldn't resist.

Our instructor, Christine, led us through a pledge not to throw dirt, water, or wine - and we were off. The night was slow-paced and very relaxing. It was easy to sit and chat over food and a glass of wine, and every so often, receive instructions and do a little work on our project. I didn't feel rushed, and it truly felt like a simple night out with friends with a project on the side. My new little mini succulent terrarium will not adorn my desk at home - and hopefully bring me back to Earth when I'm feeling a little out of balance. Thank you Plant Nite, we had a blast and I cannot wait to attend another one! See more photos and outfit details below. Follow them at yaymaker_northnj

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