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The world of luxury fashion is a world of its own. Some people love it, some people hate it, a lot of people just don't understand it - but YOU can invest your money in any way that makes you happy. That being said, it's easy...


I used to be such an over-packer, but learned to plan my outfits pretty strategically so I can pack lightly - otherwise I confuse myself with too many options. This past weekend I had an overnight bachelorette party to attend...


PHEW, okay guys, I just had my first official After Party Sale - aka APS - experience. This isn't normally something I'd do. I don't go out for Black Friday deals or set an alarm to shop, but believe me when I tell you, this...


What better for a Local Love during the month of Valentine's Day than a cute lingerie shop?! I headed back to Red Bank this month to visit Sweetest Sin, the ultimate specialty bra boutique that's been making bra shopping fun...

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